Additional services

PREPAID FUEL. We know how precious your time is. We rent our machines with full tanks and they should be returned in the same condition. But don‘t you worry about that! Choose prepaid fuel option when booking – and forget that ugh when you need to search for the gas station! Not only it will save you time, but it will also save you money – the fee for 1 l of fuel is lower when ordered in advance! EASY, right?

The rates of prepaid fuel service depend on the equipment. Find the pricelist here.

LATE CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT. Sometimes you need to work late or be an early bird for some tasks. And your working hours may be different than ours – and that’s ok! Late check-in / check-out option allows you to return the equipment in a stress-free way – just like it should be! Order when booking and enjoy the perks of being late!

The rates of late check-in / check-out service depend on the size of the machine. Find the pricelist here.

PREPAID CLEANING (STANDARD). You may not like cleaning, we get it. Especially, if it’s the dirt from the machine you’ve been using for the past week. Well, good news – you don’t have to! Order a standard prepaid cleaning service when booking and treat yourself with something nice instead of cleaning the equipment! It saves both time (no need to look for the nearest carwash) and money (the fee for cleaning is lower when ordered in advance) – EASY!

The rates of standard prepaid cleaning service depend on the size of the machine. Find the pricelist here.

PREMIUM INSURANCE. Better safe than sorry! We all know how important insurance is in our business – this is why basic insurance is included in the rent price of all items at Avesco Rent. However, it is never too safe, right? Avoid unexpected expenses with premium insurance service that significantly lowers the price of the repairs at the franchise (in case something BIG happens, that is not covered by basic insurance). Few clicks for additional insurance can make your life so much EASIER!

The rates of premium insurance depend on equipment. Find the pricelist here.

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