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Avesco Rent Alternate  High pressure washers - Cold water electric 230V Nilfisk MC 3C
Cold water electric 230V Nilfisk MC 3C
Available from
13.00* excl. VAT
Ūdens plūsma    660 l/h
Ūdens plūsma maksimālā/darba    660/600 l/h
Apgriezienu skaits    2800 apgr./min
Svars    38 kg
Jauda    3,4 kW
Izmēri (garums x platums x augstums)    382x382x1017 mm
Spriegums/frekvence    230V 1~ 50Hz 15A
Mazgāšanas plūsmas jauda    30 N
Maksimālā paņemamā ūdens temperatūra    60 °C
Virzuļi    3, nerūsējošā tērauda
Vada garums    5 m
Maksimālais darba spiediens    150 bar
Basic insurance conditions
Machine category B: BASIC insurance is included in the price shown. In case of insured incident the deductible amount is 500 eur (without VAT). But you can never be insured enough, right? This is why we offer and ADDITIONAL insurance (you can choose this option in the booking process), which lowers the deductible for insured incident to 200 eur (without VAT)! EASY!
Technical data
  • Weight (kg): 38.00
* The basic rent price does not include transportation costs, ADDITIONAL insurance (BASIC insurance included), wear-and-tear of the rented item (if indicated in its description), as well as (if applicable) the deposit for gas cylinders, consumables (like fuel) and cleaning. All of these additional services can be chosen on top. The price in the event of lack of fuel on return of the machine will be invoiced at EUR 1.80 plus VAT/1 l diesel (unless prepaid FUEL has been chosen), the cleaning prices vary according to the machine size category ( 40 eur (+VAT) for Small machines, 80 eur (+VAT) for Medium machines, 160 eur (+VAT) for Large sized machines), unless prepaid CLEANING has been chosen. The rent price for a day shall be calculated for 8 business hours. There is no compensation in the event of less hours used.
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