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It‘s easy to pay for your contract! Just choose the payment method that suit you best!

1. Payment by bank transfer. Pay online in a matter of minutes!

2. Payment at the branch. By choosing this option, you will be able to pay your invoice when picking up your order at Avesco Rent branch (VISA, Mastercard and debit cards or cash accepted)

3. Pay online by credit card. It's fast, safe and EASY!

4. Payment with EASY points. Pay a portion of the reservation with your EASY points: 1 euro spent = 1 EASY point. 1 EASY point – 0,05 EUR to pay for your next order. For more information about EASY points, go to here.

5. Pay from credit. Pay with the credit you have at avesco-rent.lv website.

6. Payment unique as you are. Need a special payment method? Let us know! We will analyze your needs and find something unique for you! Please contact us at riga@avesco-rent.com.

It‘s easy, when it‘s easy!

Absolutely! You can pay when picking up your order at the branch (choose option Payment at branch) – VISA, Mastercard and Debit cards are accepted. Or you can pay by cash! Other means of payment are:

Cannot find an option that suits you? Let us know! We will analyze your needs and find something unique for you! Call us at +3712 9999915or write us at riga@avesco-rent.com

It‘s easy, when it‘s easy!

EASY points are loyalty points, each worth 0,05 eur. You can use the points up to 12 months after receiving them. For more information, see EASY points section.

It‘s easy, when it‘s easy!

If your invoice does not appear in your account and you have not received it by e-mail, please contact us and we will fix it for you! You can do so either via e-mail riga@avesco-rent.com or via phone (+3712 9999915)

It‘s easy, when it‘s easy!

Please contact us via e-mail riga@avesco-rent.comor via phone (+3712 9999915) – our team is ready to help you and fix the issue!

If you already paid, you can also cancel your order (in the personal area of your account). The amount will be automatically redirected to your Avesco Rent account. This credit will be available for your next rental.

It’s easy when it’s easy!


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